Top best Bluetooth Speakers in Rs 1500 – Best Guide

Top best Bluetooth Speakers in Rs 1500 - Best Guide

Top best Bluetooth Speakers in Rs 1500 – Best Guide 

You cannot choose an audio product by just looking at specs or by watching a video because you cannot see audio. You need to hear it to be able to judge. If you can’t then you have to trust people like us to make a decision for you . I tried these Bluetooth speakers for more than 20 days got assessments from a couple of others too and here are the top best Bluetooth speakers in just Rs 1500.

Boat stone 200:

  1. The base is quite heavy but the treble is just okay treble as in the highs or high frequency sounds like a singing voice movie dialogues or sounds from certain instruments like violin and flute.
  2. In terms of loudness despite the size it’s not that good but if audio is not your topmost priority, if you need a speaker just for casual usage, then this is quite a good package because number one it is extremely well built. The buttons offer really good feedback.
  3. It has IP x5 certification which means it’s water-resistant to an extent more like splash resistant.
  4. The battery life is excellent. The 1500mAh battery inside offers eight to ten hours of continuous playback at about 75% volume which is at least sixty percent better than any other speaker on this list.

Logitech X 50:

  1. Amazing audio.
  2. The bass is decent but both mids and highs are excellent.
  3. There is no water resistance.
  4. Rating the battery life is just okay you get about four hours at seventy percent volume.
  5. There is no inbuilt microphone unlike other speakers on this list.
  6. Another big annoyance is there is no pause or play button.

Mivi Roam :

  1. It has literally everything you can ask for
  2. great build quality,
  3. a microphone,
  4. good battery life around six hours at 70 percent volume
  5. the best of all it has ip67 certification which means it is both dust water-resistant you can literally immerse it in water without causing any damage.
  6. audio quality is also top-notch.
  7. It offers better treble and bass than the X 50.
  8. but at full volume you might hear some crackling sounds but it’s not obvious or anything it doesn’t really affect the experience.

Boat stone 260:

  1. Looks very different from the stone 200.
  2. It looks cute and funky there are 10 color options.
  3. It does have some necessary features like IPX v splash resistance.
  4. An inbuilt microphone.
  5. It lacks the basic Aux port
  6. It is also significantly heavier.  
  7. The audio quality, it has excellent bass. but the overall clarity and loudness are good.

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  1. If you want amazing battery life, but you’re okay with the average audio quality. Then go for the boat stone 200.
  2. If you’re looking for the best audio quality plus full water resistance, good battery life and a microphone for phone calls. Then go for the Mivi roam.

Thank you so much !!!!!

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