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Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon today announced Echo Auto. So far with Amazon Echo at home, you could get Alexa to work by giving any command. Now you will get the same facility in your car. It has speech recognition technology with 8 microphone array design. Alexa will also be able to hear the ac, music and road noise in the car.

Echo Auto will work with your car’s 12V charging socket. You can connect this device with your car’s stero system. The device will connect to the Alexa app in your mobile and will use your mobile data for music streaming etc. The Echo Auto is available for pre-order at Rs 4999. Its shipping will start from January 15.

With Echo auto, you can do everything from asking news to Alexa, finding nearby cuff shops, reminder sets, finding petrol pumps. You can manage your calendar or create your shopping list by commanding Alexa while driving the car. Along with this, consumers can stream ad-free music from Amazon Prime or can also access music from other providers. For all these tasks you just have to give commands to Alexa.

Make calls or messages to your phone contacts: You can send text through Alexa as well as hands-free calling for contacts saved on your smartphone. When driving, you just need to voice-request for any information. Consumers can also ask Alexa about cricket scores, history information, geography and latest news. With this, consumers can also set reminders and items can be added to their shopping list as they drive the car.

Echo Auto can also show you the way using the default navigation app and smartphone data on your smartphone. You will no longer need to pick up the phone to reach any place. All you have to do is ask Alexa for directions and your navigation will start. You will get a new experience while driving the head car of Amazon Echo auto.

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