Apple iPad Pro 2020 Review

Apple iPad Pro 2020 Review

The Apple iPad Pro (12.9) is probably the only tablet that can be used to replace your laptop in the 21st century. We say this because Apple has consistently shown what you can do with the tablet in terms of work productivity and leisure. The 2020 Apple iPad Pro (12.9) is also no different. Actually, it is one step ahead. Apple engineers have constantly worked on hardware and software upgrades to make their 2020 avatar more PC-like. So, is it worth that high price tag? Come, let’s know…


The new Apple iPad Pro (12.9) has also retained its slender slippery design. It has a large camera bump at the back. It looks very similar to the iPad Pro 2018, although you will get round edges in it when viewed close and they are well designed by Apple. From the top, it is not ugly to look at, although it is true that the TrueDepth camera largely tops the iPad Pro.
In terms of connectivity, you lose the 3.5mm audio jack and only the iPad Pro gets the same USB Type-C. A magnetic stripe is provided on the top side of the device to glue your Apple Pencil and Apple’s new Magic Keyboard also connects instantly via the smart connector provided in the device. Also, the 2020 iPad Pro is slightly heavier than the previous iPad model, although you won’t be able to notice this difference at all.


Talking about the display, Apple does not constantly disappoint you for what you pay for the iPad. The 2020 iPad Pro is no different. You get a large and bright 12.9-inch display in it. Apple’s use of True Tone in the display optimizes it for different light conditions. The slight downside for us was the 4: 3 aspect ratio, as it spoils the viewing experience of movies, although, on the other hand, it is intuitive for gaming as well as production applications.
The display is suitable for fingerprint smoothie, but if you work with its magic keyboard and Apple Pencil in the Apple Magic system, you can get a clear display at all times. The iPad Pro’s four stereo speakers are also great for us as it also provides an old audio quality with a loud feel that will give your Bluetooth speaker a boost.


The iPad Pro 2020 has an A12Z bionic chip that makes it faster and more powerful than a PC or laptop. It has four active cores and four high-efficiency cores for handling heavy computational tasks. It has an 8-core fusion design, which you can use for any purpose. It comes with a thermal architecture and tuned performance controllers for better efficiency and provides a 2.6 times faster performance than the updated GPU A10X Fusion in the A12Z Bionic. Its superior gaming and graphics rendering experience are also faster than that of the A12X Bionic. Therefore, in terms of performance, it surpasses any laptop, which may prompt you to buy it.


The new iPad Pro comes with better cameras designed to use Augmented Reality (AR) apps. The iPad Pro has a 12MP wide camera that can capture better photos and 4K video. A new 10MP ultra-wide camera is also given to capture scenes with a larger area. In addition to this, you get a LiDAR scanner that helps measure the distance from surrounding objects by measuring the reflected light up to 5 meters away at the photon level and operates at a speed of nanoseconds.
Therefore, all existing AR apps provide even more realistic and immersive experiences with instant AR. Improvements have been made to its virtual objects, and motion capture has also been upgraded. All developers in it can now use LiDAR scanners with ARKit 3.5 for apps to introduce virtual objects and real-world physics for AR experiences in new apps as well as updates to their existing AR apps.

Magic keyboard

This feature has been a revolutionary change for the iPad Pro launched this year. The keys on the Magic Keyboard are similar to the MacBook and they have the best typing experience that can be found on a tablet keyboard. Not only that, but the giant iPad’s magnetic enclosure mechanism on the keyboard is also very stable and the individually floating cantilever design mechanism is something every laptop should have, especially once we’ve used it on the iPad Pro, So laptop display angles we found a bit strange.
To convert this tablet into a laptop, iPadOS now supports the use of a trackpad or mouse with the iPad, which also comes with a redesigned cursor experience for the iPad and a Magic Keyboard trackpad. So, you can easily use the all-new iPad without touching the screen easily. Although iPadOS retains its touch experience on the new iPad Pro, objects such as keyboards and Apple Pencil always complement each other. The cursor is simply redesigned for the iPad to use the trackpad as it appears on the screen in the form of a circle and turns into the device you need at the moment – the app icon on the home screen and the button in the app, And i-beam fi, etc. in the text.
Apple iPad Pro 2020 Review


The iPad Pro is definitely a premium tablet, with the 11-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi model starting at Rs 71,900 and the Wi-Fi + Cellular model starting at Rs 85,900. At the same time, the price of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at Rs 89,900. The Wi-Fi model and Wi-Fi + cellular model are priced at Rs 1,03,900. If you are looking for a tablet in the market that will last you a long time, to meet your everyday needs, then iPad Pro is the best option, which can definitely replace your laptop.


  • Great design
  • Magic Keyboard with the trackpad
  • Camera performance
  • The battery


  • Expensive
  • Design attracts smudges
  • Just one USB Type C port
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