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VingaJoy Launches New Powerbank in India

VingaJoy Launches New Powerbank in India

Gadget accessory and consumer electronic brand VingaJoy has launched the brand new power bank VingaJoy FuelBar VB-SX3 in India. It costs Rs 2,499. The VingaJoy FuelBar VB-SX3 is available for sale at all retail stores. It is a Made in India power bank, which offers a powerful 10,000mAh polymer battery.

What is special?

Lightweight is the specialty of this power bank. It comes in a compact body. This makes it easy to carry this power bank. The VingaJoy power bank comes with a non-metallic frame body material. It has an LED digital battery indicator that helps you find the charging level and efficiency of the power bank.

You will get 500 life cycles:

The power bank has dual input charging ports Type-C and V-8 and output charging port 2.0A will be available. Power Bank is completely made in India, which comes with a 6-month product warranty. In addition, PowerBank offers 500 life cycles with double USB ports. It also has an LED light in the name of a display indicator. Carry bags are being given free as a complimentary gift with the power bank.

VingaJoy started 2 years ago:

According to VingaJoy co-founder Lalit Arora, VingaJoy is expanding its product portfolio in the Powerbank segment and providing users with a great power back with work-from-home trends. Let us know that VingaJoy started in the year 2018. It is headquartered in Delhi. It is one of the leading gadget accessories and consumer electronics brands in India. VingaJoy has a large portfolio of 125 products including headphones, Bluetooth speakers, chargers.

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