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Vingajoy New Bluetooth Speaker Launched in India

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Vingajoy New Bluetooth Speaker Launched in India

VingaJoy has launched Pocket Mein Rocket (SP-6560) in India as its latest Bluetooth speaker. It costs Rs 1,599. The speakers will come in four color options Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow. The speaker has a capacity of 5W and its body is heavy metal.

What is special?

This Bluetooth speaker can be connected to the device up to a range of 11 meters. The speaker comes with a much smaller size and superior bass. According to the company, these are compact and lightweight speakers, which are easy to carry anywhere. Talking about sound quality, it gets a high base. Also, the speaker has long battery life. Bluetooth 5.0 has been used in portable Bluetooth speakers.

8 hours of battery life:

The VingaJoy SP- 6560 speaker is a combination of powerful sound quality and long battery life. The speaker has a 400mAh battery, which can be used comfortably for up to 8 hours of music on a single charge. Connecting it to the iPhone, Android, and laptop is quite easy. The VingaJoy “Pocket Mein Rocket” (SP-6560) 5W metal wireless speaker can be purchased at the nearest retail store.

VingaJoy Powerbank was launched:

VingaJoy Company is continuously expanding its portfolio in India. Last month, the company launched a 10,000-capacity PowerBank. It costs Rs 2,499. This is the specialty of the power bank. It comes in a compact body. This makes it easy to carry this power bank. The VingaJoy power bank comes with a non-metallic frame body material. It has an LED digital battery indicator that helps you find the charging level and efficiency of the power bank.

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