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UBON GTB-22A Audio Bar TWS Speaker Launched

UBON Bluetooth Speaker
UBON GTB-22A Audio Bar TWS Speaker

UBON has launched the ‘GTB-22A Audio Bar‘, adding a new device to its wireless speaker portfolio. It is the company’s true wireless speaker and features many unique and unique features like a memory card reader, flashlight, USB drive, and FM, which is not available in other portable speakers. This speaker comes with a 500mAh inbuilt battery.

Price and availability of UBON GTB-22A Audio Bar:

The UBON GTB-22A Audio Bar has been launched in the Indian market at a price of Rs 1,199. It can be purchased in Black, Blue, and Red color options. This device will be available for sale at all e-commerce sites retail stores.

Features of UBON GTB-22A Audio Bar:

UBON GTB-22A Audio Bar features a memory card reader, USB drive, portable speaker, TF, USB play, torch, and FM radio as special features. In this, users have been given an inbuilt USB port and micro SD port, in which music can be enjoyed using a microSD card. If you are bored with playlist music then FM radio can also be heard on this speaker.

Other features include the built-in TWS feature in the UBON GTB-22A Audio Bar speaker that comes with wireless v5.0 support. Users can easily include recently launched devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones. This device is built in a cylinder shape and has a micro USB port. The micro USB port used in it is protected with a plastic flap. It has LEDs for the battery indicator as well as power buttons. The device has inbuilt speakers.


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