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Fire-Boltt BSW001 Smartwatch Review

Fire-Boltt Smartwatch Review
Fire-Boltt Smartwatch Review
Fire-Boltt Smartwatch Review

With the changing habits and lifestyle of the Coronavirus epidemic, there is increasing demand for new features of fitness trackers. Earlier fitness trackers only used to do step count, but now fitness trackers with advanced health features like a heart-rate monitor, calorie count, sleep monitor, and oxygen saturation (Spo2) monitoring are coming. Here we have brought a review of one such smartwatch Fire-Boltt BSW001, which is equipped with these latest features. Fire-Boltt’s smartwatch has so much power and how useful it is for a user, let’s know in this review.

Fire-Boltt BSW001: Design:

The dial face of the Fire-Boltt BSW001 smartwatch is in square shape. The corner is curved. The right side has a button, which gives it a traditional watch-like appearance. It uses a silicone strap. The dial of the watch weighs 80 grams. Talking about the overall design, this smartwatch from Fire-Boltt looks decent.


This smartwatch has a 1.4-inch HD display, which has been coated with 2.5D glass for protection. It is a full touchscreen smartwatch. The screen of the watch is smooth and clear. Even once you swipe, you will not see any problem like lagging or slow response. There is also a facility to reduce or increase the brightness of the screen, which you can set according to your need. You can turn the power on and off with the button on the right side. Apart from this, all other functions will be done by swiping left-right or up-down the screen.

Fire-Boltt BSW001 Specifications:

If you swipe the screen of the Fire-Boltt BSW001 smartwatch upwards, the menu of features will open. First of all, the ‘Steps’ feature will be available. With the help of this feature, how much you have gone and how many calories have been burnt, you can keep an eye on this information. This smartwatch also has a ‘Sleep’ feature, which gives information about your sleep. How many hours of deep sleep and how long you have taken light sleep, this feature will give you both this information.

It has an option called ‘Health’, on which tapping you will get blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen sensor (SpO2). With them, you can check your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen level. However, we cannot say anything about the claim on how accurate these sensors give information. We estimate that the information available in this smartwatch on blood pressure, heart rate, or blood oxygen level would be much better to say ‘almost’ rather than ‘accurate’.

In this smartwatch of Fire-Boltt, you will get an option called ‘Training’, which has features related to tracking fitness and sports activity. Tapping on ‘Training’ will provide walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, and football options. With the help of these features, you can track your daily fitness activity.

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Bluetooth is provided for connectivity in the Fire-Boltt BSW001. This smartwatch can be connected to both Android and iOS devices. To connect it, one has to download the Da Fit app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In this app, all the information related to your smartwatch and activity will be found. Sensors like blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen can also be used from the app. It only gets three watch faces, but with the Da Fit app, you can download a lot of new watch faces.

After connecting the smartphone and smartwatch through the Da Fit app, you will have to turn on notifications from the phone. Apps whose notifications will be turned on, their notifications will be found in the smartwatch. The call notification feature has been given in this smartwatch, which gives information about the call on the phone. However, you cannot receive calls from the watch. SMS will come on the phone, it will appear on the screen of the smartwatch. On the Fire-Boltt BSW001 smartwatch, you can read the latest three SMSes on your phone. Smartwatches can also control the phone’s camera and music. This smartwatch has got an IPX7 rating, i.e. it is waterproof.


The company claims that the battery of the Fire-Boltt BSW001 smartwatch will last up to 8 days on a full charge. However, our experience has not been like this. The battery of this smartwatch lasts 3-4 days on a single charge. It depends on your use. It takes about 3 hours for the battery to charge 0-100%. The charger is also available in the box along with the smartwatch.

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Should you buy a Fire-Boltt BSW001 Smartwatch?

The look of this smartwatch from Fire-Boltt is decent. There are many latest features in it. There are also fitness and sports activity tracking features. Fire-Boltt BSW001 Smartwatch price in India is Rs 2,999. If you are looking for a low-cost smartwatch that looks good, has the latest features like blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitor, and blood oxygen monitor, then you can buy the Fire-Boltt BSW001. However, its data on blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitor, and blood oxygen are not reliable 100%. Overall, the Fire-Boltt BSW001 will inexpensively fulfill the ‘hobby’ of your smartwatch.

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