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Top Made in India Smartphone Companies

Top Made in India Smartphone Companies
Top Made in India Smartphone Companies
Top Made in India Smartphone Companies

India is a big market for the smartphone industry. That is why almost all companies are launching their devices in India. In such a situation, Indian phone manufacturers have lagged behind. But now, the craze of Made in India smartphones has increased among the users. This is the reason that the Indian phone manufacturer Micromax, once again entered the market. Not only this, but users are also liking companies other than Micromax such as Lava and Jio. If you want to buy a Made in India smartphone, then you must have knowledge about Indian phone manufacturers. Here we have brought the list of Top 5 Made in India Smartphone Companies.

Micromax Mobile:

Let’s talk about Micromax, let me tell you that this company was dominated the smartphone industry at one time. But as Chinese companies knocked in India, the attachment towards Indian companies among users decreased. Keeping in mind the choice and needs of the users, Micromax has made a banged entry into the market. Along with the entry, the company launched Micromax In 1b and Micromax In Note 1. These are budget-range smartphones and are equipped with many special features. Apart from this, recently the company has also launched another smartphone Micromax In 1 under the In series.

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Jio Phone:

Reliance Jio has become the country’s leading telecom company today. Keeping in mind the needs of Indian users, the company has also launched Jio Phone in the market at a cheaper price. The company has launched Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 which comes with 4G support. In Reliance Jio’s phone, users will also get many special and attractive benefits from Jio. If you want to buy these phones, then you will find them comfortably on both offline platforms online.

Intex Mobile:

Intex has been very popular among users at one time. The specialty of the company is that it offers low-cost phones in the market. However, the company only works on feature phones. If you want to buy a Made in India feature phone at a lower price, then Intex can be the best option. Especially for such users who use the phone only for calling, the feature phone is best.

Lava Mobiles:

The company Lava is also a popular Indian phone manufacturer, which until now was popular among users only for feature phones. The company has launched great smartphones at a low price which are also equipped with many special features. The biggest feature of Lava is that it works not only on phones but also on smartphones and tablets. Recently, the company launched its new tablets Lava Magnum XL Aura and Ivory in the domestic market for special students. Apart from this, the Lava BeU smartphone was also launched which is specially made for women.

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Karbonn Mobiles:

It is also an Indian phone manufacturer. However, compared to other phone companies, it is not very popular among users and is still trying its best to make a strong place. Also, the company is constantly updated on social media and also shares information about its new launch.


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