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Lava Probuds Review, Specifications, Buy Now

Lava Probuds Review

Lava has recently launched its earbuds for the first time, which is named Lava ProBuds. It has an in-ear design. The company has launched it at a price of Rs 2,199 and it is also available for sale on Lava’s online store including Amazon, Flipkart. Let’s know in the review of Lava ProBuds, how are these new and Lava’s first earbuds?

A colorful user manual will be found in the box of Lava ProBuds, in which you will be shown the specifications of these earbuds and how to use them. Apart from this, the company has given a micro USB cable to charge it, which is a bit disappointing because nowadays companies are giving Type-C charging port in this price range. Apart from this, you will get silicone ear tips of different sizes.

Design and build quality of Lava ProBuds:

Its design is very good. It will look very cute for you. Probuds by Lava is written in its front. Right above that you will also see battery indicators. On the side of the earbud case, you will find a charging port. It is quite small, so it is quite easy to carry.

The charging case of the Lava ProBuds comes with a magnetic lock, so there is no chance of the earbuds falling inside. It’s a plus point. Its build quality is also quite strong. Even if it falls out of your hands, there will be no damage to the charging case and the earbuds inside.

Talking about the design of the earbuds, it is quite classic to look at. It has a glossy finish so that you will feel very good to see and touch these earbuds. Its build quality also seems to be the premium type and according to its price, it is really quite right in terms of design. Touch control is given on the top of the earbuds. It comes in the only option of Shining Black color.



In this, users will get Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. In this, you will also get the feature of Instant Wake and Pair Technology, which makes connectivity smooth. Though we found its connectivity to be decent, we wouldn’t call it too smooth. Lava ProBuds also got an IPX5 rating for being water-resistant. The earbuds come with a 55mAh battery while its charging case comes with a 500mAh battery.

It also includes an advanced 11.6mm driver and MediaTek Airoha chipset support. If you like more bass, then these earbuds can prove to be very good for you. It comes with one year warranty. The total weight of these earbuds with the charging case is 77 grams. The company has claimed 25 hours of total playback time. Apart from this, Lava ProBuds comes with Google Assistant and Apple Siri support.

It fits snugly in the ears. If you do work out, jogging, yoga after that, then it will not fall from your ears. There is no noise cancellation feature in it, but even after applying it, you will hear very little outside noise. It does not have a single button, it comes with complete touch controls that will give you the experience of one of the premium earbuds in this price range. In this, all the things like on, off volume control, song change come within the touch control itself.

Lava ProBuds Performance:

Its sound quality is quite good. Its base is very good. If you buy these earbuds for listening to music then you will not be disappointed. You can do anything while listening to the song anywhere and its sound does not explode even at full volume. Although its calling quality is not good.

If you talk to someone on call through Lava Probuds then you will definitely be disappointed. Connectivity breaks a lot during calls. During calls, neither you will clearly hear the voice of the front nor your clear voice will go to the front. In this case, Lava ProBuds has not proved to be good at all.

Lava ProBuds Battery Backup:

Lava ProBuds battery is fine. It takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge the charging case and then you can charge the earbuds 3-4 times. Both the earbuds give a backup of about 4 hours on a full charge.

Lava ProBuds Overall Review:

Its design and build quality are good. Touch control, Google Assistant, Apple Siri support is its positive point. If you just want to get a well-designed earbud for listening to music, then Lava ProBuds will be a good option but if you will also be calling then you will have to be disappointed.

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