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Infinix Note 10 Smartphone Review

Infinix Note 10 Review

Hong Kong’s smartphone company Infinix has been launching budget devices in India for a long time. Most of its phones are around Rs 10,000, with big screens and three to four cameras on the back. Some devices also have features like a pop-up selfie camera. There is only one drawback in these devices, in which the processor is very weak, which does not give good performance. But now something has changed. The MediaTek Helio G85 processor is available in the recently arrived Infinix Note 10 smartphone, which will be called a good chip in a phone of this price.

The 4GB + 128GB base model of Infinix Note 10 is priced at Rs 10,999 and its 6GB + 128GB model is currently priced at Rs 12,499. We have got a 6GB RAM model of the device for review. This is our review, where we will talk about the design and display of this device, from camera and battery.

Inifnix Note 10 Design:

The design element of a phone has two parts. One is visual and one is experiential or touch-and-feel. The new phone from Infinix is very good to look at. The simple dual-tone finish present on the back makes it beautiful, due to which it lives up to the visual part. But on another scale, it is just as strange. This phone has a screen of about 7-inches which makes the size of the device huge. There are other phones in the market that have screens larger than 6.5-inches but their footprint is not as much as that of Infinix devices.

Due to the design of the phone, it comes in hand but still feels very big. Carrying a device in a pocket for a walk is a different story. It never lets you forget that you have a big electronic item in your pocket. If the aspect ratio of the screen was changed in Infinix Note 10, then it could have been a great tablet. But for now, it’s a good-looking monster. Those who like monster-size displays in their phones will definitely like it, but those who like compact phones may not like it. Apart from this, the back panel of the phone is slightly raised, which is also pressed by the thumb. This type of case is often seen in cheap phones, but we have got to see this for the first time on Infinix’s phone.

Infinix Note 10 Display:

Now come to the screen. It is good to see that Infinix has given a Full HD + display with 2460×1080 pixels resolution in this phone. Otherwise, an HD screen is seen in most budget devices. If the resolution in this phone with a 6.95-inch display was less than Full HD, then there would be no point in such a big screen.

This IPS LCD screen has good color and contrast along with good viewing angles which are very important for watching movies etc. The absence of a 90Hz refresh rate in the phone does not stop, but the peak brightness of the phone should have been slightly higher. The content looks fine on the screen inside the room, but there is a lot of problems when using it outside during the day. If you use it standing in direct sunlight, it will be even more difficult to see the content on the screen.

How is Infinix Note 10 in terms of performance?

Infinix Note 10 smartphone has a MediaTek Helio G85 processor and runs on XOS 7.6 based on Android 11. If you do not do heavy work with your phone like us, then you will not have any complaints in terms of performance. There is no problem in doing everyday tasks like running social media, using Gmail, running banking apps, and visiting websites on Chrome. High-graphics games like Call of Duty are not able to play well on this phone but you can play casual games or free fire very comfortably in it.

But the software of this phone has many drawbacks. Firstly, there are many unnecessary apps lying in it which are called bloatware. Apart from this, many such features are available in XOS which are also in Realme and Xiaomi phones, but Infinix has changed their names. Due to these changed names, it becomes a bit difficult to find them because when you do not know their name, how will you search for them in the settings. Each feature has to be found by going through each option. One example is the Raise to Wake feature that XOS calls Smart Screen. Apart from this, most gestures and special features do not work properly in XOS. It is just making the skin heavy and sluggish. Infinix needs to do more work on its software.

Infinix Note 10 Camera:

There are three cameras on the back of the Infinix Note 10, but none of them are ultra-wide lenses. The camera setup consists of a 48MP primary lens, a 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. The camera of the phone is better than the 13MP camera of the phone, which is available for Rs 8,000 to 9,000 and also impresses a lot at first sight. It clicks good photos during the day in which the details come right and the sharpness level is also accurate.

Usually, the color and contrast in the picture are also good, but sometimes their “AI” over-optimizes the picture. Due to this behavior, the white balance of the picture keeps on fluctuating a lot.

There is a lot of grain in the photo in low light or at night time. Neither the details are correct nor the color. But the Night Mode of the phone is quite amazing. Photos clicked in this mode have better sharpness, better colors, and better contrast than normal photos.

One problem with this main camera was that with it you cannot get close to the subject. The focus does not adjust when the subject is approached even a little. You have to use Super Macro Mode to get closer. Macro mode is good and works great in good light conditions.

The button to switch to this mode is given in front. The drawback of a macro lens is that it becomes completely useless in low light. And this is not surprising as the 2MP sensor gets less light.

The phone’s portrait mode runs on the hit-and-miss method. Sometimes the background blur looks quite natural and sometimes the edge detection gets messed up. Talking about the front camera, it clicks the right photo during the day, in which the skin color and facial details come right. Just don’t click photos with it in the evening, because then the pictures are very bad.

Battery and other features:

The 5000mAh battery of the Inifnix Note 10 gives a very good backup. Despite having such a big screen, this phone goes through a day comfortably. The charging is 18W in this, so the phone takes more than 2 hours to charge. There was no complaint with this, but it would have been better if the charging speed was slightly higher or the size of the battery was 6,000mAh.

The speaker and earpiece of the phone are just average. Sound can neither be called good nor bad. But the phone’s face unlocks and the fingerprint sensor works very well. It ran fine 9 times out of 10 and the speed was also very fast.

Infinix Note 10 review: Verdict

In today’s time, it is expected from the phone that is available for 10-12 thousand rupees that its screen is good, the camera clicks good photos and may not make a record in terms of performance but it should not be slow either. Infinix Note 10 may not impress on these parameters but it can definitely satisfy. The brightness of the screen is a bit low but the color and contrast etc. are correct. The camera performance is good but it needs a bit of tuning so that the white balance is right. MediaTek Helio G85 processor delivers good performance and battery backup is also good.

The most disappointing thing about this phone is its software, which seems to be two years behind the rest. Nevertheless, overall Infinix Note 10 will be called a good budget device. Just its screen size may not be liked by everyone. But for those who are looking for a good budget phone with a big screen, the Infinix Note 10 is the right choice.

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